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Wildlife of Southern Louisiana

Louisiana's heavily wooded areas, lake shores, river bends and swamps are home to a plethora of wildlife. Our motto, "Sportsman's Paradise," is no joke! People hunt all sorts of wildlife here. Local restaurants even create culinary dishes featuring some of Louisiana's prize wildlife such as duck, venison (deer) ¬†and rabbit. Below we've provided a pretty…
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Camping in Southern Louisiana

Camping in Louisiana can be very fun and rewarding. Louisiana is the "Sportsman's Paradise" for good reason. There are lots of hunting and fishing for you and your family to enjoy. The number one thing you have to keep in mind when camping is there are no two sites alike. As a matter of fact,…
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Fishing Lizard Creek

Lizard Creek, Tickfaw River and Blood River are all great places to find a nice shady spot, sit back, relax and fish. These fresh water tributaries are home to a variety of tasty perch, catfish and bass. We've put together just a few tips here to help guide you to a more enjoyable fishing experience.…
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